Industry Trend Analysis - Utilities: Renewables, Services & EVs Shape Corporate Strategy - OCT 2017

BMI View: Non-hydropower r enewabl es, energy services and electric mobility will all be key areas of focus for global power companies that are adjusting their corporate strategies to align with a low carbon economy.

The global power sector will be significantly impacted as the transition to a low carbon economy progresses, and companies in the industry will have to adapt their long-term corporate strategy to this transition. We previously highlighted that the increased deployment of renewable energy, tighter regulations governing the development of thermal power plants and a shifting financing environment will be key power sector themes in the low carbon economy ( see ' Power Sector Transformation Towards Low Carbon Economy ' , September 1). In this analysis we will assess three strategies through which companies are adjusting to this changing operating environment, and we will also highlight a number of companies that are positioning themselves to outperform in this environment.

1) Renewables To Form Backbone Of Capacity Portfolio

Renewables Growth Continues To Outperform
Global Electricity Generation By Type, % Change 2017f/2026f
f = BMI forecast. Source: EIA, BMI

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