Industry Trend Analysis - Key Themes For Power & Renewables In 2018 - JAN 2018

BMI View: Key themes that we expect to dominate the global power and renewable energy sector in 2018 include greater government efforts to boost growth in battery storage and cross-country power interconnections, diverging trends in nuclear power between emerging and developed markets, green financing gaining momentum and the transformation in electric utilities ' competitive landscape as the deployment of energy services and electric mobility increases.

We have identified five key themes we believe will be prominent in the global power and renewables industry over 2018. We address them in the paragraphs below and include a table of winners and losers from these trends:

Energy Services And E -mobility To Shape The Utility Company Competitive Landscape

Nuclear Looking Hot In The East, Bleak In The North-West
Select Countries - Operating Nuclear Power Capacity, MW
f = BMI forecast. Source: EIA, National Sources, BMI

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