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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Renewables Growth Will Slow Down After 2017 - JAN 2017

Americas January 2017 / Uruguay / Industry

Growth in installed non-hydropower renewables capacity in Uruguay will slow down significantly after the wind and solar power plants currently under development reach completion. We expect business opportunities in the industry to be subdued relative to the past as the Uruguayan power sector is already approaching overcapacity and the government is unlikely to launch new renewables tenders for a number of years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Series Of Hurdles To Prevent Substantial Geothermal Uptick - JAN 2017

Asia Pacific December 2016 / Japan / Industry

We do not forecast an uptick in Japanese geothermal capacity growth over the next decade that reverberates with the country's substantial geothermal energy potential - due to popular opposition to large-scale developments, high upfront costs and long development timeframes.


Industry Trend Analysis - Regional, Geographical And Security Issues To Hamper CASA-1000 - JAN 2017

Europe January 2017 / Kyrgyzstan / Industry

High security threats, a lack of regional cooperation and geographical limitations will all serve to hamper progress on the CASA-1000 line, which we do not expect will be successfully implemented. Ageing grid infrastructure and a lack of new power capacity in the region will further decrease the viability of the project.


Industry Trend Analysis - Litany Of Risks To Stall Planned Power Projects - JAN 2017

Middle East & Africa January 2017 / Nigeria / Industry

Our Key Projects Database (KPD) underscores our view that the economic malaise, gas shortages and capital controls will lead to the delay or cancellation of projects in the Nigerian power sector.