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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Strong Power Potential Despite Small RRI Deterioration - APR 2018

Americas April 2018 / Argentina / Industry

Argentina lost four positions in our global Power Risk/Reward Index this quarter and one position in the regional RRI, so it now ranks 55th globally and seventh in the Latin American region. This is due to bigger relative improvements in other countries' scores and to modeling factors rather than to Argentina's investment and growth outlook becoming less positive. Argentina's score continues to be hindered by limited access to financing for project development and a track record of implementation delays, but its power market will offer some of the biggest opportunities in Latin America thanks to its abundant resources, attractive regulatory framework and growing energy needs.


Industry Trend Analysis - Electricity Market Liberalisation An Opportunity For Telcos - APR 2018

Asia Pacific April 2018 / Singapore / Industry

While energy market deregulation will allow telcos to sell smart metering solutions, converged services remains a hard-sell owing to mobile-fixed substitution and a preference for OTT streaming over pay-TV. Electricity retailers stand to gain from the telco-power partnership, as they are able to access points-of-service that telcos operate.


Industry Trend Analysis - Grand Coalition: Key Power And Infrastructure Sector Takeaways - APR 2018

Europe April 2018 / Germany / Industry

We expect policy continuity under Germany's new Grand Coalition, with a coal power phase-down remaining controversial and renewables growth slowing under the EEG2017. The presence of the SPD in the coalition will see greater government-driven spending into infrastructure.


Industry Trend Analysis - Nuclear Power Would Have Limited Effect On Domestic Oil Consumption - APR 2018

Middle East & Africa April 2018 / Saudi Arabia / Industry

The Saudi government's plans to develop 17.6GW of nuclear capacity by 2032 (in order to diversify its power sector) will have a limited impact on reducing domestic oil consumption for electricity generation. Due to the high costs and long construction times associated with nuclear reactors, and repeated delays to the implementation of planned power projects in the country, we will await more concrete progress before factoring in any nuclear projects into our forecasts.