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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - LatAm Power Round-Up: Industry Growth And Business Opportunities Ahead - OCT 2017

Americas September 2017 / Latin America / Industry

We hold a positive growth outlook for Latin America's power sector over the next 10 years. The non-hydro renewables sector will register the strongest growth in the region through to 2026, while hydropower will retain its dominant share in Latin America's power generation mix.


Industry Trend Analysis - Quadrupling Of Gas Power To Have Limited Power Mix Impact - OCT 2017

Asia Pacific September 2017 / China / Industry

We expect gas-fired power generation in China to quadruple over the next decade, in line with the government's push to reduce urban centre pollution by instigating coal-to-gas power switching.


Industry Trend Analysis - Upgraded Renewables Auction To Accelerate Sector Momentum - OCT 2017

Europe September 2017 / Spain / Industry

Spain's decision to upgrade its second renewables auction from 3 to 5GW aligns with our upbeat outlook for rebound in sector growth over the next three years. The lack of visibility into tendering schedules and government aims post-2020 elevates the risk that the sector will stagnate again into the 2020s.


Company Trend Analysis - Siemens' Energy Strategy To Bear Fruit - OCT 2017

Middle East & Africa September 2017 / Germany / Industry

While the financial performance of Siemens' energy division was mixed, overall we remain positive with regards to the company's strategy. Most notably, to focus investment into high-growth markets, increase its exposure to digitalisation and take advantage of the increasingly competitive global wind market.