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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Strong Project Pipeline Supports Bullish Gas & Renewables Outlook - JUNE 2016

Americas June 2016 / Mexico / Industry

The development of natural gas-fired power and renewable energy projects will dominate the Mexican power sector over the coming years, as highlighted by our Key Power Projects Database.


Industry Trend Analysis - Overcapacity To Remain, Amid Surging Renewables - JUNE 2016

Asia Pacific June 2016 / China / Industry

Overcapacity in the thermal power sector will remain a dominant theme in China's power market over the coming years, despite government efforts to shift away from coal-fired power generation.


Industry Trend Analysis - Electricity Trade To Drive Nordic Energy Policy - JUNE 2016

Europe June 2016 / Europe / Industry

Electricity trade between the Nord Pool and external power markets will drive Nordic energy policy over the next decade, as power exports will generate revenues that can be directed towards maintaining and upgrading mature hydropower facilities.


Industry Trend Analysis - Renewables Outperformer But Project Delays Commonplace - JUNE 2016

Middle East & Africa June 2016 / Kenya / Industry

Kenya will maintain its outperformer status for renewable energy in the SSA region over the coming decade; a view supported by recent investment pledges from international development funds and government agencies and progress in the development of existing projects in the pipeline.